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Teen Musings

It's the age all parents fear and the children so unwittingly fall prey to. Nobody can escape it, a select few remain in control, and many have succumbed to its idiocyncracies. The age when 'fitting in' is the main purpose of life. Yes, teenage is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

As I have grown up to be a fine adult, I realise what my parents told me was true. 'You will look back to this day, and feel nostalgic and stupid at this time.' Yes, I do look back to the time when I was five feet nothing and felt travelling in the Metro was the coolest thing to do. Hiring an auto, sneaking out of the house to travel, say, two metres was pretty gratifying and thrilling at the time. And sometimes, when I look back, I miss that adrenaline rush you get when you know you have an angry mother just waiting for you to ring the bell.

I'm not saying I enjoyed being scolded or rebuked; neither do I look back at such face offs fondly. But, those are the times which have defined me to be who I am today. I realise the anger, almost on the brink of rage, my mother must have been feeling back then. My little cousin, two and half years old, gets on my nerves the same way. I now realize that it does not mean my mother loved me less (which I did feel for about two years, by the way). But that she just wanted me to know and draw my own limits. Learn to adhere to rules, the importance of which I realise now, in the most pivotal period of my life.

I still remember the hideous report card which laughed at my face in the 8th Grade. I remember not being able to face my mother for hours, and weeping bitterly at the mere thought of having that wretched piece of card in front of me. But, nevertheless, it was something which pulled me up. It knocked some sense into me and made me realise that I liked getting good grades, even though the 'in' thing was to boycott studies altogether. It made me get that 9.6 in 10th and it's helping me get through this torment of a year too. The strong values which she embedded in me through that loud, screeching voice of hers reprimanding me has come to be more useful than I thought. I feel obliged to thank her.

But, that said, I was a pretty awesome teenager. I know she has learnt things from me too. I don't know what, and looking back right now nothing's striking me, but I'm positive she has taken something from me. Though my defining characteristics will always be the ones I picked up from her. The patience I have to neither implode nor explode from the emotions I feel are also her doing. Wow. I cannot write a single article in hindsight without mentioning my mother. It's true. I'll always be have a deep connection with my mother.

That said, this is for all the present day teenagers out there. Enjoy this phase, make your silly mistakes, but watch out for the grave ones. Your parents are there to catch you when you fall. But, make sure to learn from them. None of us enter this phase being perfect (all of us feel that way, though), none of us exit this phase being perfect. But, correcting your errors gets you that much closer to being a 'good' person, a person who knows the difference between right and wrong; and become a responsible adult.