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Common Time Management Mistakes

Time management is a skill and there are many ways to sharpen this skill. Yet, there are certain methods of time management practised that cause your time to slip away unutilized rather than helping in saving it. Here is an eye opening article for some of the most common time management mistakes in practise.

Too much of Planning

It is good to make the "to-do" list. Also, it is a good idea to maintain an excel sheet of your work every day but scribbling a notebook with pen with how every hour of your day is spent is definitely not appropriate.

Too much of planning wastes time. You will need to use your sensibility to understand how the planning should be done. You cannot go on making chart about what you are going to do in the after-hours or re-write time and again the things that need to be done during the day. It will leave less time for you to do some actions.

Hence, stick to a basic planning procedure for the day, month, etc and do not over-do it.

Not Considering Logic

There is a joke which is said to distinguish between an intelligent person and a logical person. An intelligent person once asked a question that if one woman takes 9 months to deliver one baby then why cannot 9 women work together and produce a baby in one month. On the other hand, a logical person is well aware that the question is not worth thinking upon let alone asking someone.

Likewise, time management requires application of logic. Take only that much works in your hand that can be delivered in best quality. While making a time table remember that you are but a human and you will need a couple of minutes to relax. You will be drinking water, eating meal and going to washroom. Even if you can control the pin of your wrist watch you cannot control time.

There will be time that you have to wait for the lift, bus, taxi, dentist list, etc. Be a little flexible.

Unnecessary Multitasking

It sounds cool to do more than 2 tasks simultaneously in any given time but what about efficiency? Most of the people think that by multitasking they will manage to produce more work.

The simple example of it can be observed in an office. During lunch time a man do editing of a certain report with the one hand while chewing onto his sandwich (because it is lunch time), is attending a call explaining a certain figure to the person on the other end. In between he is using the other hand to right down what he wants to do on the weekend.

Now, the phone call could have been combined with any of the tasks but why write about the weekend party plan? Most of the psychologists agree that doing one task at a time with full concentration helps in increasing the work quality within a small time frame. Also, multi-tasking should only be performed if necessary.

Lack of Balance in Life

The idiom, "all work no play makes Jack a dull boy" has not been said without any reason. You will need to introduce a balance between your personal and professional life. 24/7 life too may keep you high but not for long. It will leave you exhausted as a person. Hence, divide your day or keep certain days just for work and certain just for fun.

Time management is a trick but you need not to be a magician to perform it. Simply recognize your priorities and make an action plan accordingly.