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Reclaim Your Confidence, Reclaim Your Humanness

You have the right to exercise your own mind and to think what works for YOU! Those are not radical ways of being and beliefs. You are not leading a revolution. Well, in some ways you are. You are rebelling against being forced what to think as per someone who has no respect for human life and is told what to think. Especially someone who is running you down to force you to limit your thoughts, beliefs and way of life to match them. That is cult behaviour and that is someone who does not have their own thoughts and beliefs. You don't live in a cult and so you want no one forcing you to change your beliefs to match theirs that is blatantly out of alignment with who they really are and desire to be deep within.

You have the right to live your life in FREEDOM and NOT in fear. If your beliefs are imprisoning you and others, then it is time to change those beliefs. It is not radical beliefs to know that abuse is WRONG, abuse of children and any human being is WRONG!! It is NOT radical beliefs to love yourself. Well, it may be radical to those who have lived a life imprisoned by the negative beliefs of others and who are not living their own real, true and authentic life. Those are definitely NOT the people to take any kind of advice from when it comes to the powerful running of your life. You do not want them crashing your life with advice that are old, backward, unprogressive and unfitting for you.

That is NOT your life, so remove yourself from around those limiting and mind-imprisoning beliefs. And yes, it will seem radical to others who have been controlled for their entire life, to see you living your life in freedom and not allowing anyone or anything to imprison you and force you to live your life their way. It is not an excuse to acknowledge that difficulties prevented you from reaching where you had desired, nor is it something to be ashamed of. You are human and things will affect you because you are NOT A programmed machine. You are flesh and blood, you have emotions, you have feelings and you are not allowing programmed machines to break down your life and to break you down.

Going to school should not be about changing how you think about life. Because if you are taught by individuals whose thoughts, beliefs are backward, outdated and unprogressive, guess what, if you do not have your own mind, you will get dragged down into a backward, outdated, unprogressive and ignorant way of thought and being. If someone does not have any knowledge of how to respect human beings, how to live their lives powerfully, then they will have NOTHING to teach you. You do not need to go to a brick and mortar institution to learn how to think. You DO NOT need any letters behind your name to prove to anyone that you are smart.

Only individuals who are insecure, who suffer from deep feelings of inferiority and who are desperately seeking acknowledgment will try to crush you so that they can get the attention because they feel that you are some lowly peon who doesn't have the necessary status letters behind your name, so no one should listen to you because you are not worthy. Be sad for them. You do not need letters behind your name to feel worthy and to know that you are somebody. You are Human, so you are worthy and you are somebody.

Never put yourself down. You also do not need others to acknowledge you so you can feel important. You are not desperate for attention, nor to be important so you can ease your inner insecurities, lack of self-worth, lack of self-esteem, lack of self-love and lack of self-confidence. You already think highly of yourself, you have high self-worth, high self-esteem, high levels of self-love, a deep level of high-levels of self-confidence and you have a deep belief in Yourself. You do not want to live in an empty shell of yourself with no life and with you just rotting away in a dead life.

That is the reason why you need to surround yourself ONLY with individuals who respect human life, who are loving, compassionate, have a deep sense of Self, deep belief in themselves, have high levels of self-esteem and filled with empathy for human life. You should not go to school to get letters behind your name just so others can respect you and see you as important. That is such a repressed and backward mentality and living. We are not living in those olden days anymore. Do not think less of yourself, NEVER think less of yourself just because you don't have letters behind your name. ONLY insecure individuals who suffer from deep feelings of inferiority will depend on accolades and letters behind their name to get respect and acknowledgment from others.

This is the 21st Century, it is time to get rid of those backward, old, unprogressive mentality. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. Think for yourself, understand humanity, and recognize that abuse of any kind is NOT someone making an excuse. That is ignorant and backward, nonhuman thinking and beliefs. Time to get rid of those ignorance and step into maturity, step into the modern, progressive world and stop putting people down and treating them as if they are dirt just because they may not have certain letters behind their name. That is just archaic, old, insufferable beliefs and behaviours that has NOTHING to do with being a human being and living in FREEDOM.

Life is not about how many letters you have behind your name. It is about who you are as a HUMAN BEING! It's also about how you use your life to turn around and help other human beings. Do not tie up your identity into your job and into external accolades. Because when you have lost those things then you will have no sense of who you are. You will be left feeling empty, lost and lack an identity. However, when you focus on being a human being, then it doesn't matter if you are not working or you don't have letters behind your name, you are STILL happy, because those things never defined who you are. You are not lost with no direction and you know things will start to look up again. You are in a liminal period, a period in which you are taking stock of your life and of where you want it to go. You are not going where others feel you should go. They do not get to run and dictate your life, especially those whose identity is tied up in "status" things and not in humans.

As Les Brown said, "In the up times you line your pocket, in the down times you line your heart." Granted, in the up times you should also line your heart. So whether you have a job or not, whether things are going well or not, financially, health-wise, or job-wise, you are still happy within because those things do not define you. You have a strong sense of self and it is not tied up in external things. Not to mention you are more concerned with deeper things of life and not with the frivolous, shallow, surface level and unimportant empty things of life. Become filled with love, become filled with life, happiness, and become filled with passion. Stop living a dead life within. Break down the walls of darkness, blackness and stubbornness. People are not to be used and treated like dirt.

No one is above another and their letters behind their name DOES NOT make them superior to you. It is a sad existence to live in and you do not want that existence for yourself. You don't want to be old, broken down, lack love within you and within your life and have no life to enjoy passionately. People who make fun of you being human, does that because they are afraid of living their lives freely. They are blocked from living their lives freely. They are locked into a mental cage. If you stay around those individuals long enough, they will eventually break down your self-confidence, your self-esteem, your belief in yourself and your self-worth with their vicious snarkiness, with their empty, dead living and with their non-humanness.

To reclaim yourself and your humanness, you have to gather up the courage to get rid of those existence from around so you do not soak up that dying energy. You have to have the courage to remove yourself from those individuals. You don't want to be dragged down into their quagmire and dungeon living and take up permanent residence with them. You don't want to live a tired life with no peace, happiness and passion within it.

You do not want to just survive and exist. NO! You want to live, you want to thrive and no amount of letters behind your name can give you true happiness, love, contentment and peace within. Live your life by your creation and yes you will be accused of not living in reality and they will be right. You are NOT living their reality, you are living YOUR REALITY and that's the only reality you need, not some locked down, mental slavery existence. A Reality that is helping you to become filled with love, laughter and human-ness. You are being human!

BECOME a human being. DO NOT allow anyone to make you become filled with a black heart and an even emptier soul. Allow no one to make you live in fear. Open your mind to humanity, open your heart to love and open your soul to the beauty within you. Start becoming human, allow no one to turn you into living your life like a programmed machine that is void of human emotions and feelings!!!,-Reclaim-Your-Humanness&id=9366819