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Tips For Implementing A Hyper-Productive Time Management

Hyper-productive Time Management

What are the productivity habits behind the most successful people? If you are constantly looking at your watch and wishing you had more time, here are some ways to add more hours to your day.

Successful time management means giving the right proportion of your time to overall planning, it involves honing your business skills and using techniques to ensure increased efficiency throughout your day.

There are many skills you can learn to help increase productivity. The very core of this skill lies in the understanding of many techniques available, and adopting them. Less stress and more efficiency is a path for continuous improvement.

Highly successful entrepreneurs, sales executives, and sales representatives achieve incredible results by staying focused and overcoming distractions. They maximize the amount of energy they have throughout the day by prioritizing their task and working in a non-crisis atmosphere.

Procrastination is the thief of time; and we often avoid mentally challenging tasks which need to be done sooner than later. It takes a strong resolve to control procrastination. Distractions are prevalent throughout the day, from people who require your opinion and time, and also from useless time we often spend, on Facebook or Twitter which results in a constant need to change our schedule that excludes an important task.

Less stress gives more energy, it is important that you develop effective strategies to balance your time management by relaxing and exercise or sharing problems with friends.

There are fascinating insights in which you can cultivate habits in working exponentially faster, crushing your goals and sustaining more energy throughout the day.

Take breaks throughout the day, this is a sure way of improving your focus and productivity. The reason being that our body clock ticks in two forms.

Circadian Rhythms, which run in 24-hour periods, dictating when we are energized or exhausted.

Ultradian Rhythms: which is a recurrent cycle that runs in 90-minute periods, and creates the ebbs and flows of energy throughout the day.

Taking into consideration these two rhythms it is proved always advisable to work in 25 minute intervals followed by a 5 minute break. This reduces fatigue, increases focus, and helps sustain energy throughout your workday.

Another tip used by highly productive people is to optimize their computer skills for speed, by increasing the speed of the mouse, learning keyboard short cuts for the programs that they us frequently, and using tools to quickly find apps that switch between programs. And lastly by increasing your typing speed to over 80 words per minute by typing through speech recognition.

For long-term goals the best way to start is by defining your purpose, your personal mission statement breaks down to smaller goals or a to-dot list which in turn is your initial purpose.

Focusing only on things you specialize in and outsourcing mindless tasks, like inputting data, cleaning, ordering groceries, can be insanely productive, as these chores that are outsourced can be done for much less than the cost of your personal time spent doing it, by releasing you to have more working hours and more income.