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How To Create Your Holy Hour For Intense Focus

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Let's face it, the day and age we are living in today is kind of crazy.

We are constantly bombarded by instant messages, WhatsApp messages, Facebook notifications, Instagram updates, Snapchat stupid videos, unsolicited phone calls, spamming emails, mind-numbing TV programs filled with buy-this buy-that ads, lazy coworkers who are best with gossiping, uninspiring friends or even family members.

With all these multiple angles of attention attack, our attention is constantly being pulled away that has drastically drained our energy.

While it's hard to eliminate all of these attention-seeking mediums once and for all, we can definitely maximize our productivity by creating what I call the "Holy Hour".

The Holy Hour is a period of time where we make everything non-negotiable except your No.1 priority of the day. This 60-90 minutes time slot is purposefully created for you to work on nothing else but that No.1 thing.

So during this period, you do everything possible to make yourself unreachable, untouchable and unavailable.

Things like:

Putting your phone away in another room and switching it to Airplane Mode
Putting a big sign in your office door saying, "Seriously, if the building isn't on fire, do NOT disturb me pal. My next available time slot will be 4:30pm -5pm and I'll entertain all your questions you may have."
Turning off your Wi-Fi altogether if all you need is to write some amazing contents out
No food. No alcohol. No drugs. No kids. But lemon water is allowed.
Then set a timer of 60-90 minutes, lock yourself in the room, and go dominate your most important, most urgent, highest-leverage task of the day.

If you are just starting out to play around this productivity trick, all you need is to design just ONE Holy Hour per day. Schedule 60 minutes every single day (ideally the same period of time) and focus that hour on your highest leverage task.

As you keep practicing it every day for a month, you'll grow your focus muscle much stronger and you will be able to extend those 60 minutes to 75 minutes and eventually to 90 minutes.

I don't recommend going more than 90 mins as you want to incorporate strategic rest in between. So when you are ready, add your second Holy Hour in your daily routine.

When you're able to do 3-4 Holy Hours throughout the day, you'll be able to finish things in a single day which takes a week for average people.

Go use it today. Go master it today. And go experience 500% increase in productivity very soon!