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Wealth & Abundance - Finding Where You Are Already Rich (By Rosina S Khan)

Every soul on this earth is rich in some life area which they can tap into in order to make other life areas work well also. How does it work? How will you make it happen? Read on to find out.

Looking at my own life and self-analyzing, I feel there is much to be grateful about - access to groceries, confectionery, medicine, stationery, photocopying and the list goes on. They are all within walking distances. And then there is access to water, electricity and gas inside our home, which we don't have to worry about. In our home, there is also WI-FI internet connection and I have a laptop from which I can browse anything whenever I want. These are some areas in my life that are really rich.

I used to be a faculty member in a private university but I don't work any longer due to some unavoidable circumstances. I have reached my forties but I am still single - never married. My relationships with the people I live - my mom and brother often become sour and that makes me sad. These are some of the life areas I have to improve on.

Where I am rich is that I have a wealthy mindset and the immense power to imagine. I never run out of amenities. Where I lack is the closeness with my own folks and other intimate people - the reason being I am an introvert; I stay silent and suffer in silence.

How can I make my wealthy mindset work to make other life areas rich? One possibility that comes to my mind is to network with people both online and offline and meet people. That gives me the opportunity to meet my soulmate. And then I can leave my original home for good where my relationships suffer.

What has this got to do with a wealthy mindset? My would-be soulmate will be happy to know I am independent and can stand on my own feet. I can also work again having my expertise. It's a plus for me. I can still have access to all the local stores in my new area and bond with the people there. I can continue to network and make new friends and enrich my life further.

Together with my soulmate, we can venture out into the world, explore new areas and settle down with a dream home along with dream careers. We can start burgeoning a family of our own. My wealthy mindset and powerful imagination both help to make these desirable elements a genuine reality.

Yes, I will thrive once again, this time not partnering with my old folks but with my soulmate. Together we will dream, hold a vision and work out a prospective work/life balance. That one day is only over the horizon and I know I can reach it because every fiber of my being says so. Ha ha!