Manifestation miracle

Becoming Your Desires (By Kathy Wilson)

A while back I attended a workshop/retreat entitled "Let's Manifest". The information and exercises we were guided through were by far the most effective I've experienced of all the manifesting workshops and seminars I've experienced.

What made it different and more powerful was this one concept: Before you can manifest or create what you want to have in your life, you must become the person who already has it.

This is called "modeling" in some schools of life betterment. As you become that person who already has what you want, your vibration shifts to align with your desire. And, as The Law of Attraction demonstrates, those things of like frequency are magnetized to each other.

I'm here to tell you modeling is not always an easy accomplishment. Most of us don't have a clue about who already has what we want, let alone what that person is like. I'm in that group, and not the group of people who know who their model is and also knows all about them.

So after thinking about my model person until I gave myself a headache, I finally realized that my model didn't have to be a real person. That one fact made the project easier because most of the people I wanted to use as a model all had some trait or belief that I found was contrary to one of my own. This one detail then colored how I viewed all their other actions, beliefs, and values that I wanted to emulate... and usually not to the plus side.

That little obstacle handled, the next hurdle was to create my model so I'd have a guide. This was easier, since the method I came up with is something I'm very adept at - asking questions.

If you'd like to try this very powerful technique to manifest your ideal life - or any part of your ideal life - here are some of my questions that you, too, can use. They may spark new questions as you use them or you may wish to change them somehow. Well, you go right ahead. After all, this is about creating your desires, and this creation is unlimited. (This list is in the feminine so if your model is a male, of course you'll want to change the questions to reflect that.)

  • Who is this person that has what I want?
  • Is this person real or is she my creation?
  • What are her top five core life values?
  • How does she prioritize when she makes choices?
  • What kinds of groups does she belong to... or does she belong to no groups?
  • What are her friends like?
  • What gives her delight? Makes her cry? Drives her to anger?
  • How did she get what she wants?
  • When she had setbacks, what did she do?

As you continue to get to know or to create your model of the one who already has what you so desire, more questions will no doubt arise. The more details you have, the easier it will be for you to know what you need to do in order to become the person who already has what you want.