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Six Ways to Raise Your Vibration For a Better Life

It is very important to keep your vibration high; for one thing you will feel better within yourself. You will find that life will flow easily and be less stressful. When the vibration of your body is high you will feel in a happier place. When you feel down then that is when your vibration is low and very heavy and you do not feel in a good place. You do not need to stay in that place of denseness, you can choose to be happy and have a higher vibration.

You choose what your life is to be like, it does not just happen. Your thoughts manifest your life. You can stay in the heavy vibration of unhappiness or you can rise up and live in the lighter, higher vibration. It is you yourself that has to decide your path; it is not an outside person or object that can raise up your vibration but you yourself.

You can pick yourself up and become a less stressed person with just a bit of work. Please find as follows some ways of improving your vibration:-

1. Breathe 
Take a deep breath and on the out breath release all the stress and tension that you feel in the body. Let it go, you can maybe visualise it as a grey cloud leaving the body blowing out through your mouth. When you take the next breath make sure that it goes down deep into your stomach and swirl it around the body picking up any stress and tension that you have missed the first time round and release it on the out breath. Take another breath and swirl it around the body to pick up any other stress and release, let it go. You should now start to feel lighter and calmer. The body will start to feel lighter and you maybe can feel your body vibrating at a different level, at a new energy level.

2. Your Food 
Bless your food before you eat and ask for it to be nutritious and wholesome for your body. Ask for the food to be of the highest vibration that it can be. Dense foods such as sugar and coffee will give you an artificial high which will not last. You want to eat food that will maintain a high vibration naturally.

Certain foods, you know, are just not good for you but I know that it is hard to break the habit of having them and it can be extremely hard to give up. Sugar is one substance that can be extremely difficult to quit, it is amazing how a food substance can have such an effect on the body. Drinking water throughout the day instead of fizzy drinks will help start to cut back on the sugar and will help hydrate you at the same time.

3. Grounding 
Grounding helps you to feel more on the ground instead of feeling fuzzy and light headed. It helps you to feel more stable. One way to ground yourself is to imagine roots, like roots growing down from your feet and from the bottom of your spine down into the Earth, into the centre of the Earth. Now feel the energy, sense the energy coming back up through the same roots and flow up into your body. Up through your chakras: the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown and shoot it up into the outer realms above your head. (The body has seven primary energy centres called chakras.) Then imagine the energy, a white light come back down from above and pass through your body back down into the Earth. And so the cycle repeats enabling your body to feel a higher vibration.

4. Nature 
Nature can be a great vibration raiser. Go for a walk around your garden or even better to a park or go out into the countryside. As you walk feel the ground below your feet and the breeze blowing around you. Look at your surroundings, watch the birds and admire the way that they spend their time. Go up to a tree and touch it, sometimes you can feel a vibration coming from it, you can try to communicate with the tree and see if it replies. I know it sounds crazy but they do speak. Nothing is like it seems, or what you believe it to be.

5. Laughter 
They say that laughter is a great way to raise your vibration. So sit down and watch a comedy or a film that you can laugh at. There are plenty of places to go to nowadays to find a funny film. Or you can look at YouTube and find a short funny clip that will make you laugh. Otherwise you can watch your pets and have a laugh with them because they are always ready to make your heart melt and for you to smile. Allow that smile to expand your energy and help you feel fantastic.

6. Being Grateful 
Being grateful is another way to raise your vibration. As you start each day write down ten things that you are grateful for and as you write them down, feel the feeling that you have with it. Feel deep into the feeling and allow yourself to feel the love for it. As you write the items down, stop and feel into each one. The gratitude that you feel for it being in your life will help you to raise your vibration.

I hope that these tips will help you to better your life and make it more freeing and expansive and for you to start to love your life with a passion and in a high vibration.