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The Best Way to Get Out of an Argument

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Whether it is your spouse or a colleague at work, you seem to be having constant arguments. You want to win; so does the other party. There is constant friction between the two of you and you feel uncomfortable. How do you get out of an argument in the best possible way? Read on to find out.

Sure, winning over an argument makes you feel victorious and celebrate for yourself for a while but if you do win, the other party will be sulky, unhappy and disappointed. You two will never get along smoothly and will never appreciate each other.

So what is the best way to get out of an argument? Simply stay aloof, get busy with your work and above all, let arguments fall aside. Then things start to fall together and you are in good terms with your buddy or spouse once again.

So how do you stay aloof? Just keep your distance and occupy yourself with pleasurable activities - the things you love to do. Get completely lost and absorbed in a passion hobby. Enjoy "me times". Also, you can enjoy a favorite friend's company and spend your times outdoor for a while.

Show your spouse or colleague that you are busy and have lots of work pressure and you have no time to spare. This will give you space to the both of you and time to reflect as well. The other party will start to miss you and crave for your company so that arguments will be out of the question.

When you are back to normal terms with the other party, in case s/he wants to bring up the argument topic again, don't let it linger and avoid it at all costs. Stand up from your chair and talk some offline topic. Distract your partner so that the beginning line of the argument gets lost.

This way you stay bonded with your family and colleagues at work closely.

Always remember that having an argument and winning over it makes the other person feel bitter towards you. Winning over arguments has no credit at all. After all, life on this fertile earth is to enjoy and be happy. Why would you choose to destroy your peace of mind by having an argument with somebody? By all means, I repeat that the best way to get out of an argument is to let it fall aside and avoid it completely.