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Law of Attraction: Attracting Success

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Attracting Success

"Everyone visualizes, whether he knows it or not. Visualizing is the great secret of success." ~ Genevieve Behrend.

Visualization is one of the many techniques of the law of attraction. Successful people, from celebrities, politicians to athletes know how important it is to picture or visualize themselves being successful or achieving something in their minds, prior to actually realizing it in reality.

Steps to attract success

1. Acknowledge Success

Everyone wants success in his/her life. Most of us struggle to achieve it. As per the technique of Law of Attraction, we need to create a vibration of success, through acknowledgment.

The technique of acknowledgment starts with searching the rewarding parts of your life. We are so engrossed and embedded with our shortcomings and in abilities that we often fail to recognize even an iota of success present in our life and acknowledge the same.

For success vibration creation, we first need to transform our negative attitude into a positive one. The key is to focus our mindset into a success-centric one.

Start exploring your dominant and positive qualities, recall instances or incidents, where you thrived and accomplished a task, moment or accomplishment. The momentum can be anything.

Ask yourself these important questions - Are you a good daughter/son? Are you a reliable friend? Are you a hardworking employee? Do you drive your car safely and smoothly? Do you have any specific skill that you are proud of? These aspects of life are more important that the petty nuances that the society defines as features of being successful. Explore these minute aspects of your life, start creating a vibration of success and acknowledge them all.

2. Develop a firm belief

Belief helps in the manifestation of desires and enables us to work towards our goals. Practice by believing in a small thing or task. For example, get a plant and believe that it will slowly grow into a floral creation. Once you start believing, and your mind will be driven to make sure that you water and nourish that small plant in order to make it grow and bloom. After you achieved this task, take another step of belief and slowly move onto bigger platforms.

3. Explore your desire

We are human beings, filled with desires, dreams and ambitions. Few of us succeed to achieve or make our desires come into a full circle, through the absolute belief in our desires and their possibilities. The key is to explore, discover and find what you desire.

Once you find it, add all emotions into it, visualize your desires and create an emotional vibration around them and witness how your desires take shape into the reality.