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Strive To Do Your Best

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When you strive to do your best, the results in all areas of your life improve. There are two starting points you must know in order to change and improve the quality of your life, the 1st is where are you now? And where do you want to go? It is vitally important that you be truly honest with yourself to evaluate the things that are working for you and the things that are not. What are you studying? Are you studying? Are you applying and acting the way you want? Do you have goals, a vision, do you know your purpose? Les Brown a great motivational speaker said the two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why you were born. You see if you don't have a clear vision and goals to propel you, you are drifting out to see without a compass. You start to experience doubt, confusion, and fear.

There are laws of the universe that work every time, for everyone and anywhere. They do not deviate, they are exact, and the first two laws are order and movement. Every thing is operating in an orderly way. The stars in the galaxy, the planets in the solar system, our bodies, with all our systems, our cells, all are functioning in an orderly way. When you have a purpose, vision, and goals, you connect to the orderly law and your world will reflect this back to you in its physical counterpart. The 2nd law, movement, which is really a sub law of vibration is important to really understand. Every thing is always moving. We live in an ocean of motion, and the frequency that you vibrate attracts you to the circumstances, people, and places that resonant with your vibration. All the experiences that you are going through are lessons to learn, grow and evolve from. If you choose not to learn from where you are, you will repeat the lessons over and over again getting the same results. This is believing you are a victim of life's circumstances and disorder, disease, and eventually disintegration take place.

Here is another law, every thing is either creating or disintegrating. Nothing stands still, remember every thing vibrates, every thing is in motion on a quantum level, what looks solid is really a mass of molecules vibrating at a frequency. We get exactly what we need for our personal development, whether we want to admit this or not. To change your frequency to attract what you want takes diligent awareness of your thoughts. Nerve cells that fire together are wired together. Changing the pattern to new pathways of thought will bring you the desired results you want to attract.