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Life Is Not To Be Feared (By Maxine Whitfield)

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All us have come here with a special mission. Some of us know their purpose while others are either not aware or not ready to know. So many are asleep, yet I have spent my entire life being guided to know these truths to help you see your life with a new pair of eyes. I am a Light worker who volunteered to come to earth to enlighten all of you.

I was raised in the city of San Francisco by parents who did not want me. My life started out as a rejection until I realized I had to learn to love myself. During my life I have been outcast by all family and friends as I have always been different; the black sheep. I was bullied for three years while in Jr. High school which changed me from an outgoing person to one that spent most of my time alone. During my life I have experienced every single issue which put me in a place of understanding others emotional needs. Therefore, through my experiences I have become an expert emotional healer along with my Reiki healing.

My path was set into motion with all my trials and tribulations, to be the world healer that I am today. I truly believe that the best education is personal experiences. I have authored a few books where some are written while others are poetic messages which I channel. I receive 98% of my messages from my ascended masters along with my analytical mind which helps me understand life from a higher dimension. Earth was only an experiment to see if we were given free will with no memory of our true selves to see if we would be able to find a higher power. This task was accomplished. Now we are going through an ascension where our planet earth is turning into heaven. Venus, the love planet, will be Earth. Only those that live in unconditional love of self and all others while knowing that we are all connected as one, will reside on this planet. Others will join when they are ready to.

Gone will be disease, stress, judgments, religion, and racial issues as those that reside here will only be about love. This is a very exciting time to be here. We all volunteered to be apart of this massive change. We are all the true warriors of the light experiencing many pains, trials and hardships to overcome while helping this planet ascend. My goal in life is to help you learn how to help yourself; to see your life with different eyes, different thoughts, and to feel life instead of mostly using your logical mind. You have the power to create what you desire, manifest anything you want and heal yourself.

Life is not to be feared and once you realize that everything happens for a reason, then you too will see how positive your life truly is. This is my mission; my gift to you and the world.