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Mystery and Purpose

If I had to choose any subject to freely express my views on; it would have to be the mystery and purpose of life. I feel too many people at a certain point in time feel as if life boils down to what their net worth is. Grant it, having a substantial amount of income and savings does make living this tedious life much easier, but finances could never really solve the mystery or figure out the purpose of life.

Mysteries have a way of solving themselves if you leave them alone and continue with business as usual. When it comes to the mystery of life it's a very similar process. To some people a mystery is a problem or a difficult situation; a conundrum if you will. But I view it as the complete opposite. It is merely an unknown, which doesn't make it bad or good just UNKNOWN! Unlike society these days, the least amount of time should be spent on the problem (unknown) and more on the solution. The solution in this case, would be to master the God given ability inside of you. I'm sure you've heard the expression, "experience is the best teacher". This is the perfect time for that quote. Obviously the only way to get better at anything is repetition. Doing something repeatedly gives you experience. Experience teaches you to correct and prevent mistakes and possibly innovative ways to approach your abilities and present it to others.

Let's say as a young child an adult saw that you were a natural born public speaker and wanted to help you master that God given ability. The faith behind the solution of the mystery, problem or the unknown would be putting the time into this ability not knowing the outcome but believing that this ability that was so carefully placed inside will fill a void like nothing else imaginable ever could. The mystery, it would seem, takes moments to solve. The exciting part is seeing where this newly discovered purpose takes you in this life.

It's no mystery but a fact that the world we live in is ruled by money. The 2nd best part of this article though, is to realize that all of your God given talents abilities and gifts can and should be monetized. People pay huge amounts of cash for something organic. Something directly from the heart of you! By all means, after or while you're mastering those abilities see how you can market them. I guarantee somebody needs what God has placed inside of you.