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Message From the Universe: Self Worth at Its Best

"As if you weren't among the most important people who have ever lived.

Bowing before greatness,
The Universe"

Give yourself a bit of credit here. You are working hard to accomplish your goals, you are keeping yourself healthy, both physically and mentally and you make sure to always be there to help others. You are doing everything right and it is now up to the Universe to decide what is the best path for you. You can't be feeling down if it may take a bit longer to accomplish your lavish goals. It is crucial to keep on trying until you get it right. The question is: "How will I know what is right? How will I know what path to take to guarantee my success?" If something doesn't work, you will be aware, unless you are blind as a bat. You will realize that you are running fast on a treadmill, not going anywhere. Some other things will happen to take you OUT of your present path and redirect you somewhere else. Signs will be all around you to stop doing what you've been doing and start something new. It is important for you to carefully read these signs. You owe this to yourself. Focusing on what is important will be enough motivation to create yourself a better future.

Your presence in this world has a meaning, or the Universe wouldn't allow you to live too long. You are here, today, because your mission on Earth is YET to be accomplished. So how do you know what is your mission? There is a voice inside you that will direct you towards it. How do you get to hear that voice? Well, meditating is definitely a good start. It will allow your psychic awareness to kick into high gear and help you pay attention to the voice from within. Do not be afraid if you do hear it, as long as it is not a couple dozen voices that ask you to wrap a belt of explosives around your waist and blow yourself up. If you hear these voices, I would recommend psychiatric help. For everyone else, that little voice is the voice of wisdom and more you meditate, more you will hear it. Just remember, this little voice will never shout, will never be clear enough for you to hear it properly, so you need to really pay attention. Once you master these listening skills, you will experience drastic changes in your life and will finally know the main reason why you are here, in this planet. Once you know the ways how to listen to that voice, teach it to others so they can do the same. This is definitely a very valuable skills you want to share with others.