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Message From the Universe: Finding the Right Support

"Haven't you noticed?

The right people always find each other at the right time.

The Universe"

This is definitely THE most accurate statement I have ever came across. That goes for everything in life. It is also true that you will come across the wrong people who might take advantage of you, abused you, cheated you and probably did unspeakable acts of selfishness. However, instead of lingering and feeling bad about these experiences, you need to look as to why all this happened. All this allowed you to open your eyes, be more conscious to what is going on around you and not be so naive. These bad people came into your life for you to appreciate the right one. The same goes for personal relationships. You will come across many people that you will decide to give it a chance in the romantic level. You spend days, weeks and months together to built a strong foundation. A few months down the line, you realize a lot of things about that person that you dislike a lot. You come to see that they lie often, untrustworthy, unreliable, probably even cheating on you at times. Let's say they do not cheat but abuse you emotionally, make you think that you are worthless and you can't do better than them. They ignore your effort to wanting to make this relationship work. You put in 95% and they barely put in 5%. You eventually end up feeling like all your effort aren't worthwhile and see a dead-end in your relationship.

You decide to take your life in your own hands and leave the relationship/marriage. You lose hope that there might be anyone out there that you pray to God NOT being like your previous relationship. You find that person. You look and appreciate their qualities. You see they are NOT like any other person you ever dated in your life. You appreciate them and they appreciate you. You see qualities in them that you think never existed in the opposite sex. You know that this person is the RIGHT one for you. You have that gut feeling that there is NO one like them. You know deep inside that you have found your soul mate. Patience is always required when it is matters of the heart so be thankful that you had to date distasteful people to finally have the opportunity to find the gem.