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Message From the Universe: Compound Interest

"You've made a lot of friends throughout your life, and you'll be making a lot more. You can be very proud of this.

But you can safely multiply that number by 7 to reveal the minimum number of secret admirers who've loved you from afar; by 100 to approximate the minimum number of people you've inspired; and by 10,000 to uncover the least number of lives yours has improved. And this...

I'm very proud of.

We've only just begun, 
The Universe"

Just like anything in life, more you invest in yourself and your capabilities, more great results you will witness. When sacrificing pleasure for hard work in the beginning, you will experience great results. Never expect instant gratification in your everyday life. Let your work express itself to you and everyone around you. You may not see results immediately, but they will come. This is how compound interest works as well. You invest in the beginning and you let your money work for you instead of the opposite. You just need patience and a lot of it. Throughout the market, you may see some ups and downs, which is normal, because this is how life works. Do not be afraid of this roller coaster ride and it will ALWAYS arrive at destination. You just need to trust yourself enough that you will get there with pockets full of realities. In some cases, it may take time to get there, depending how big are your dreams. You see, at the beginning, when you told the Universe you wanted to be a billionaire, the Universe listened, but it also means it will take longer to help you accumulate a billion instead of just a few thousands. So if it takes you more time to get there, remember it was because YOU requested it.

Be clear with the Universe and what you want. Do not contradict your thoughts and intent. The outcome might be very disappointing to you as you will extend the time to get to where you want to be, as you will need to redefine your dreams all over again, depending on how many contradicting thoughts were allowed to enter your mind. Keep them away, focus on the good and embrace the bad. Sometimes, you will need some bad things to happen to re-evaluate and appreciate what you really have at this moment. Never like you life owes you anything, as it doesn't at all. You reap what you sow, you get what you put in. If you want great things to happen, work towards it but also look at the journey you are taking, as it can be the most incredible journey of your life.