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How To Overcome Feeling Down And Depressed - Rather Treat Yourself Well

Have you ever noticed that when you treat yourself better it goes a long way towards making you feel much better and not so very depressed?

For some people, its shopping, working on the car, playing the guitar, taking a long bubble bath, exercising, eating ice cream.

Think about what makes you feel better and comforted and spend some time overcoming being so very depressed.

Helping others or someone in particular will make you feel like you're letting go of being very depressed.

You will feel like you are a giver.

Sometimes seeing a smile on a person's face and knowing you had a hand in putting it there can turn a very depressed day into a great one.

Below are a few things you can do to get out of that rut and feel so much more alive.

None of these things will change the situation, but they will make you feel better and help you get through that very depressed feeling until things get better - and they will always get better.

First consider what the Course in Miracles teaches us in one of its spiritual metaphysical principles: "You may still think that holiness is impossible to understand, because you can not see how it can be extended to include everyone."

Nothing lasts forever and most bad days don't carry into the next.

Know that there is a more positive day just around the corner than just, why am I so depressed.

And the Course in Miracles adds, "And you have been told that it must include everyone to be holy."

It is the wrong-minded memories that keep haunting us when we go through rough territory.

Be sure to only spend time on the past memories that are all loving and fun.

Be sure to think about how do you move on and make the necessary changes so that you may live a life of passion and purpose and a free will that is true and that you own?

Yes, ask yourself this deeply!

Is this where you will find peace?

By taking time to think about those who have less than you, you will start to think about how to treat yourself well and get over feeling down and depressed. Make sense?

Just keep in mind that life can be brutal to us if we allow it to, and things can pop up when we're not ready for it.

To a better life!