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We All Have Dragons To Slay

We all have our demons or dragons to destroy.

Just like Don Quixote who set about destroying the windmills of Holland, we all have our own demons or windmills to destroy.

Each and everyone one of us comes into this world with a mission, and part of that mission is to overcome fear or dispel whatever karma we may be working on at the time.

Every challenge in life presents us with an opportunity to learn. We often erroneously think the challenges we face are someone else's doing.

They aren't.We each create our own destiny and learning experiences.

Although there may be a perpetrator, and someone we believe is doing us wrong, that act is something we created ourselves to enable us to solve an issue and create an environment for us to move past some karma created by us in this lifetime or in the past.

After we get past the initial anger, the only thing left to do is to understand what we can do about it and learn from it.

Those instances of perceived injustice can actually make us a better person, and I have found if I don't learn from them, the actions get repeated until I do.

There isn't anyway around them.

In today's world with all the advancements in technology, life should be easier than it ever has been in the history of man, but people keep inventing new ways to make their life more difficult.

This just proves to me that humanity continuously needs new challenges to grow intellectually, deep down inside, no one wants an easy way in life.

We need challenges to stimulate our minds and souls, the unhappiest people are often times the ones who life has handed them a silver spoon.

As a result, slaying our dragons should be one of our main objectives in life.

Many times we worry about someone else's dragons and forget about our own.

There is only one person who can meet their own demons, no one else can do it for them.

We can help, but they have to do it themselves, we should always remember this.

That is why it is often said,"No good deed goes unpunished." When we do too much and interfere with their karma, the universe will let us know in no uncertain terms.

People only want so much help, and to know that someone is thinking of them, then they can do what needs to be done, in their own way.

We have enough to think about taking care of our own issues, and only by solving our own problems can we help anyone else.

I have traversed the globe in search of truth, my truth, during which time I have had an opportunity to study with Aborigine elders, native American Indians, and some of the world's finest intuitive. All of this has lead me to better understand our world and all things therein contained.