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Message From the Universe: I Can Only Help Those Who Help Themselves


"While I would actually LOVE to help every living soul on the planet remember who they were in prior lives, why the pyramids were really built, and how their past beliefs shape present manifestations, I'd infinitely prefer to help them bust a move here and now, learn some new tricks, and live their dreams. Which, incidentally, is the only reason anyone ever chooses to come back.

Let's do this,
The Universe"

If you really want to accomplish something in your life, you need to take action and not expect opportunities to just come and fall on your lap. If you don't put yourself out there, nothing will ever reach out to you and beg you to offer you that half a million dollar salary. Life doesn't owe you squat and the feeling of entitlement you have should be buried and never brought back to the surface. You are better than that. If you want something to happen in your life, it is important for you to get up and do something productive. Stop feeling like you are the victim and stop blaming everybody else for your actions. Assume your responsibilities and do something about it. You still have a potential great life in front of you so go out there and grab it. The Universe can ONLY help the ones who help themselves. If you want to see great things happening, you need to take action TODAY and live your life to the fullest. Learn to enjoy and appreciate the little things and be thankful to be alive and well. If you have health, you have everything.

Not many have that luxury to be able to take initiative and go for their dreams. Many are just stuck in the feelings of guilt. They are jealous for others success and accuse them of being backstabbers because of their financial success. There are better ways to do things than feeling the way you do. If you want wealth in your life, start taking action towards it. Think about ideas and strategies on how to formulate the best plan to make your dream a reality. I am sure you are smart enough to make all of this happen. You can change things around in a heartbeat and you should take advantage of our great land for offering tremendous opportunities to everyone who is willing to put in the hard work and dedication. There are no secrets here, it is pretty straightforward. No need to cut corners as you will end up in the wrong track. Even if you do, there is always a way to get back to the beginning and start again. Many have succeeded later in life, even past the age of retirement (KFC Chicken) and never gave up despite the many challenges they've endured all through their lives. They pushed forward, no matter what. If they did it, you can do it as well.