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Do You Know How To Increase ABUNDANCE In Your Life?


Who doesn't like to increase ABUNDANCE in all areas of their lives? Perhaps more health, better relationships, more finances, more fulfilment, more contribution, better job or career, or a more successful business. Whatever it is, we all like to increase and it can be done by applying the Law Of Increase.

You can also call it the Law of Praise. Why? Because when you praise someone or something you're automatically putting energy of increase, because you're rising its frequency, the energy vibration of that thing. You can raise the energy frequency of anything & anyone just by praising them.

When you praise a plant, or money, or a person's self-esteem, you are helping them to increase. To be better. To attract more of, because you're raising that frequency of energy on them.

How Does it Work?

Praise has to be honest. Has to come from the heart, not just from the head and the lips.

If you can't go as deep as letting the praise come from the heart because you're not used to it, perhaps because you grew up surrounded with criticism and in the habit of spotting what's wrong and the flaws and the faults in other people and things, then that's okay. Take it easy and be gentle with yourself. Just start by practicing. It's okay if at the beginning you have to praise just from your lips and with your head. Eventually the more you do it, the more you're going to mean it, the more it's going to come from the heart.

When it comes to people at your business or job, it's praising for the things that they do right. Instead of trying to spot the things that they do wrong, you want to catch them doing something right! That's something I used to do with my staff at Flight Center. I was in Flight Center managing a few of the different businesses for about 10 years and this is something I learned earlier on that was really beneficial for me. I learned to be able to catch my staff doing something right so that I could praise them and by doing so, I helped them grow.

Praise and recognition expands, it goes into your cellular system for it to vibrate at a high frequency and expand. Criticism and finding flaws and defects turns into "contracting". It does the opposite. You want to get into the habit of praising!

When you praise someone, you're allowing them to grow and be better at what they do and increase the level of self esteem versus trying to spot them doing something wrong.

Here is a really good story about Bob Proctor doing a test with waiters and waitresses at a restaurant. He asked them to praise each person at the tables they served and they did it. They just started blessing and praising in silence, through their hearts and inside their heads. Guess what happened? In 30 days, they were reporting to Bob Proctor that they had doubled and tripled the amount of tips that they made for the week. I love it!

Now, let me tell you that the cells inside your body respond to praise by expanding, by becoming healthier, by multiplying. Praise is fantastic for your health as well. When you're praising someone, even if you're just in silence, it's a thought transmission. You're transmitting this thought to the people that you're praising and you're transmitting a higher frequency of energy to the people that you praise & bless.


Another thing very powerful is that praise changes our focus because it's training you to look for accomplishment. To look for good and beauty in your life. Instead of being used to focusing on the flaws and the mistakes or the things that don't work. Maybe that's your default. Maybe you're automatically wired to focus on what is wrong. By praising, you're training yourself to focus on what is right. You're training yourself to focus on always looking for the accomplishments and the beauty that surrounds you. The abundance that surrounds you. Practice it until it becomes habitual. Fake it until you make it.

Your Challenge for this week!

I want you to start praising, praising, praising. Anything and everyone around you. Do it sincerely. Don't just say it if you don't mean it. Don't say it if you're thinking the opposite. Look, your default may be criticism and spotting the flaws and the things that are wrong, but it's not all your fault. That's probably how you grew up. That's what got ingrained into you as you were growing up.

This is the time to change your habits. This is the time to reprogram your subconscious, your cellular system, so that you can start training yourself for praise and recognition. Children that grow up with criticism, they're insecure, they're fearful. Children that grow up with praise, they are confident, they have a higher self esteem because praise is the quickest route to prosperity. You want to get into the habit of praising.

You practice it until you believe it and you start to do it naturally and then it's ingrained into your cellular system so that your default from your subconscious is to always praise. Praise other things, praise the actions, praise other people. Praise people's gifts. Now, even if you're just saying it from the head and not from the heart just yet, that's fine. Just keep practicing. Keep practicing until you start generating the feeling of the praise inside of your body. In your heart. Speak it out loud with a heart full of energy. This is why I want you to do this week. If you have any experiences of when you praised someone and what happened to you in return, I want you to share it on the comments section below.

I want you to come back here and share with us the magic that showed up in your life from practicing this beautiful law of praising. Praising is increasing. This is the Law of Increase. The more you praise, the more you're going to increase, the more you're going to have abundance in all areas of your life which is super exciting. I can't wait to hear about it!

Until the next one, stay well and play full out!