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No Restrictions Can Hinder You

You have the words to change a nation but you still bit your tongue. A creative person filled with talent of capable of singing a beautiful song. You are a driven creation who can own a firm. Your passion is like raging fire that can never be stopped but you still choose to hide it. Freedom is yours to fulfil your potential. What is stopping you, child of the Most High?
Imagine being limitless, nothing stopping you. Walking on a path without any boundaries or restrictions, being in a place of freedom to be whatever you wish. Do you believe you can live a life without any limits?
Nothing is impossible for you. No obstacle can hinder you. What can stand against if liberation is your word. There is no limitation when you let go of the past or things that were barriers to your path.
They say the sky is your limit but no one knows where it begins or ends. You can fulfil your purpose here on earth as long as you know you have no limits. He told you can you do all things as he strengthens you. Didn't Your Creator say you resemble Him, the likeness of God? Nothing will be able to stop you as He will be with you. Don't be afraid to follow the path that leads to you to greater things. You are the best.
What's stopping you? When you become aware of your limitations, you will find ways of tackling them. You will able to fight any obstacles that appear in your way because you are able to identify them.
What do you say to taking chances? Yes, hardship, disappointments, frustrations will occur in life. Take action today by noticing your obstacles and break through them. Letting go of fear and negative thoughts that were planted in your mind will help you. Don't be afraid.
Nothing will restrict the mind that has made up that it's not going to be afraid. Imagine you could actually do anything. Doing what you love without opinions of people stopping you. Not your friends, family or enemies' opinions stopping you. Do you believe, you can have a life without any limits?
Remember, death could not hold him down. Choose to be limitless. Life holds more than what you can perceive or get. Be yourself.
Do what you love without any barriers, obstacles or anything. Today is your day; choose to liberation. You are a warrior, no one can stop you.