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Gaining Mind Control to Enhance Your Life

Not in my right "mind"!
Mind control is not a process of making an individual lose control over their own thoughts and behavior. And most mind control experiments are not even done through physical force and violence unless you are in a P.O.W camp lol!
Do not confuse mind control with hypnotism. Hypnotism and mind control are not interchangeably equal. They are two very different terms. I will discuss Hypnotism in another article.
This method of self-control was once said to be enforced by religious cults, forms of politics, parenting, and the implementation of an incorrect or false set of behaviors. It has also be said that mind control has been related to two syndromes. A battered women's syndrome, and the other is called, a Stockholm syndrome. THIS IN FACT IS NOT ACCURATE! Because mental control has many positives to it as well. It can help you actually have a more sustaining and fulfilling life. So, lets not look down upon mind control just yet. It's been pointed out that this can very much be, the keys to becoming a better person. Sometimes a little brainwashing is needed, because with all that goes on in one's life the brain can get a bit cluttered, and can use a good washing. With the proper information given to the mind it can be a life changing experience.
Mind control techniques allow you to understand and learn more about yourself and your mindset. This is what I would like to call self mindset research. Because we think we know how our own minds work but in all actuality we haven't the slightest idea of what we are really thinking, and, or how this thinking is hurting our actions. Are we hindering ourselves a great deal with these improper thought processes? It is conducive to becoming a better person if we learn more about our minds. You can learn from mind control about how you think, are you clearly processing your thoughts or is your knowledge outdated. The reason I say this is because as we live we learn and in learning out with the old and in with the new. Things change, people change,
. Why because our thoughts change. If we don't clear our minds of clutter we will just suffer from information overload, and all this does is cause us to act irrational and ill-informed. Positive affirmations, or correct mind control helps you gain relief from negative thought processing, and aids in helping achieve your goals.
Control of your own mind allows alertness and awareness of what is going on. You can change your mindset. It is a step by step process. Use mind control to change behaviors that are holding you back, and gain possession of a more committed fulfillment of your desires and goals.
Mind control also creates a sense of power and peace. Some people use this technique and create enhanced healthy long-lasting relationships. This will build one's' confidence.
This new thought process will lead to a more focused behavior. Behavior control means regulating individual's real behavior.
Correct Information and thought control is a necessity. You will be able to make better decisions and analyze any matter rationally. This will develop the habit of obeying your first mind without any question. Reading, writing, and meditation of your own thoughts will help you master your destiny. Ask yourself what do you want from life and set out to attain it, if it's not helping you have a more rich and fulfilling life than it is a waste of time.