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How to Achieve Your Goals: How Does It Feel at the Top?

Everyone wants to reach a goal so they'll FINALLY be there... at the top! Don't you?
But then what?
The truth about how to achieve your goals may surprise you...
I used to think that, once you've reached the goal you've been working for all your life... that house on a lake, the yacht, the private beach home... then you can just sit back and relax... right?
Sounds good to most of us, I know, but then I took a closer look at how those on "the top" actually run their lives...
For example, former President Jimmy Carter founded the Carter Center after leaving the presidency, a nonprofit and nonpartisan center that addresses national and international interests of the public... a mission to fight disease and build hope.
And, President Obama dropped hints about his post-presidency life...
In an interview with Barbara Walters, he stated that he wants to give youngest daughter Sasha (still in high school) a voice in the decision. He said one thing he knows for sure "The president will not be seeking a future in politics." Followed by "nowhere to go but up".
Once great leaders have found a way to make a great difference in the world, they tend to be anything but "content" with just "sitting and relaxing". They want to go on to make a bigger difference!
Stories like these where people have seemed to have "made it", yet they decide to head in a completely different direction in their senior years, generating entirely brand new goals to be met... these stories inspire me, and probably inspire you, too, right?
And, it's when we take a look at really "successful" people we find that they never stop growing. Take a look at the people who attend Tony Robbins or Bob Proctor seminars... are they losers?achieving goals
Actually, many of them have already "made it" in our eyes, yet they know something that people who are barely making ends meet fail to notice...
There is a basic human need to grow and learn continuously to be happy. Why? Look at any living thing... a plant, for example. What is it doing if it's not growing? Yeah, that's right - it's withering and preparing to die.
No matter how old we are or where we've been, the idea of withering and preparing to die is not in anyone's best interest!
So now that I've pointed out the need for growth, let's dive into the three aspects of achieving goals that will not only put you at the top, but keep you forever striving for more... which is the real key to happiness!
"How to Achieve Your Goals" Step 1: Make sure you have a CLEAR goal...
Doing what you LOVE to do is the key to success and happiness. Take a minute and ask yourself, "What do I really want out of life?"
If you're having trouble answering, don't worry... The average person out there has trouble with this one.
You'd think it would be easy; however, so many of us get caught up with "being held hostage" in our own lives, we just don't allow themselves to follow their dreams.
When we're young, we say, "yes" to so many things... "Yes, I'd like to see that", or "Yes, I'll go there"...
But then as we grow older and set in our humdrum lives, we find ourselves declining opportunity...
"No, my daughter is at home and I have to get back to her", or "No, I could never do that!"
Catch yourself the next time you say "no" to something that could possibly change your life - and think about how your life could possibly be better if only you decide to take a chance.
"How to Achieve Your Goals" Step 2: Remain in constant gratitude...
Gratitude is highly underrated! Look at the successful people around you - they are always thanking someone who helped them climb the ladder, right?
It's been proven that people who practice gratitude regularly become wealthy in body, mind and spirit. That's because successful stories appear when two to more people join with a united end in mind.
Bob Proctor proclaims that he was helped and inspired by Earl Nightingale in his beginning years... and he still is grateful and for his inspiration - and to this day quotes his theory of success...
"Success is progressive realization of a worthy ideal"... Earl Nightingale.
(Note that this quote has the world "progressive" in it... which means never-ending.)
As we continue to be grateful for those who have been presented in our lives to help us, we find ourselves feeling extremely happy - and that feeling is a "high vibration", which attracts more good things in your life.
And it's not just some "whoo-whoo" hocus pocus stuff. It makes sense.
Think about it: How do you want to act towards your friend or spouse when they tell you how thankful they are for you and how much they appreciate you? Don't you want to do more stuff to help your friend?
It works the same way with your boss, your kids, or even a stranger on the street. Gratitude and love is contagious... pass it on!
"Let's start with what we can be thankful for, and get our mind into that vibration, and then watch the good that starts to come, because one thought leads to another thought." -Bob Proctor
The reason why gratitude brings such a "high vibration" is that it's impossible to actually feel truly grateful for anything without feeling really good. On the emotional scale for the law of attraction gratitude is second only to love.
You may be thinking, "What do I have to be grateful for?" Sometimes it helps to look at others who have less.
"How to Achieve Your Goals" Step 3: Put your focus on others
Focusing only on yourself and what YOU can get out of any situation will only limit your abundance.
Don't focus on the success of others with hopes that you'll get there. This will send you into a "poor me" mindset - destined for failure! Since we all think in pictures, this sends negative pictures to your subconscious where you're the star a dooms day scenario.
It's way better to become aware of people around you who you can help. When you can help others, you begin feeling really good about yourself. And when others show appreciation for you? Well, that just inspires you to go on and help more people!
When you're doing what you love, and continuing to be grateful for the opportunity to do what you love, then putting the focus on others can ramp you up faster in achieving goals than you'll ever know.
"The way of how to achieve your goals is to help other people get what they want first"... Zig Ziglar
Notice that Zig says, "first" on the quote above. This is where most people tend to fail. "Why should I help HIM get what I don't even have?"... that's the conundrum. Most people just want to satisfy their own needs first.
You might achieve your goal if you just focus on yourself, but awh, God could have something way more powerful for you to accomplish when you decide to put your focus on helping others FIRST.
And, once you see that you have helped those people around you achieve their dreams, your life become very gratifying. And now you have even more to be grateful for!
There's really no "end" to the game. Of course, you'll reach stages and think, "I'm finally there", but once you become acclimated to that lifestyle, you'll want to achieve you next goal... and then the next...
This three-step formula for achieving goals works because you're in harmony with God, and the law of attraction is allowing you to not only get to where you want, but send you to places you never thought would be possible!
So just how exactly does it feel when each milestone in your life is "complete"? It feels SO GOOD that it literally leaves you itching for more!