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When we understand why we do things, we understand how to make the necessary changes

Six million people die every year from the effects of cigarette smoking. 600,000 more die from illnesses related to exposure to secondhand smoke. It is expected that  by 2030 the figure of deaths will rise to 8 million. Quitting is not easy, but most smokers think about it. There are numerous products available on the market:  hypnosis, medication and group work.

What is the secret of a successful smoking cessation?

The main “catch” for quitting smoking is in the way you think about cigarettes and smoking. If your thoughts are: “Blessed are smokers because they can smoke, and I have to give up something so fine as well as cigarettes. Quitting will be hard! “, You will feel miserable and you will constantly yearn for a cigarette. If your thoughts are :”It feels great to finally quit . I’m free at last  / I’ve conquered slavery to nicotine, freedom! “, You will feel great. This sounds great and is actually true and very simple, but in practice people have many ways of self-sabotage on its way to the goal – to achieve this state of mind.

Which technique should you use to stop smoking?

The basic thing is, “reprogramming” of the brain. In fact, no one is born a smoker. Smoking is a form of behavior that we have learned: during a certain time you’ve programmed your brain to that behavior. Now, it is necessary to incorporate new neurological pathways in the brain that will make you accept another type of behavior. For example, when you are nervous and under stress, you are automatically reaching for a cigarette – it’s just the way you’re programmed.
Now, as a non-smoker you can choose new and useful ways that will reduce anxiety and stress, and give you even greater satisfaction than cigarettes. During a certain period of time (up to three weeks) try to create and consolidate new neural pathways in the brain. For example, try to get nervous when you reach for a cigarette. Instead of doing that, lie down on the couch and relax with your favorite music, take a walk or do something that fulfills you – this will definitely make you feel better than cigarettes .
It is difficult for smokers to achieve this state of joy during smoking cessation, because a constant sense of making sacrifices; why should I give up something. The trick is to be able to work on regaining the positive and supportive conditions, and acting simultaneously on your conscious and unconscious mind.
On a conscious level, you must learn techniques that help with- withdrawal symptoms (not everyone feels the symptoms). With these techniques, you can become aware of the reasons why you reach for a cigarette just at a certain point and you can discover the emotions that force you to smoke. In this way we learn to take control of ourselves, which is particularly important in times of temptation.
At a deep unconscious level, you must try to change your hardened and ineffective beliefs related to smoking and its own identity, such as “I am a smoker and it takes much more effort, so that I can quit smoking.” The change is achieved by using positive suggestions, in a deeply relaxed state.

Focusing on the brain instead of other methods

The brain is the “central pivot” of the body. It processes information from the environment, gives us instructions on how to behave and be responsible for regulating emotions. If the brain instructs “Have a cigarette, you’ll feel better,” then this is the right place to change such instructions. In the brain we become smokers, We must reverse the brain to a state of non-smokers. Everything else comes by itself.

Are hypnosis, acupuncture and drugs effective against smoking?

Hypnosis works when a person is really ready for a change. The hypnotist way is to persuade you to do something that you are not willing to do. If you really come to the decision to quit smoking, hypnosis is only an additional “tailwind” of your own decision.

What to do during smoking abstinence

It always a good thing to have a contingency plan for special moments of temptation (“Just one cigarette”), when mastering techniques for withdrawal and self-control. This plan will help you learn how to deal with negative thoughts that overwhelmed you in the period of abstinence. For example, I’ve always smoked a cigarette with a cup of coffee – can I avoid the cigarette now? Many say that quitting smoking just as hard as quitting drugs. The withdrawal phase is the most difficult to endure. What else to expect during withdrawal and how to survive successfully?
 Smoking withdrawal usually takes up to three weeks and is generally of psychological nature. Although the dynamics of addiction is similar with hard drug addicts, the withdrawal is very harder, there are intense physical crisis and a subsequent long-term psychological craving for the drug. The craving for a cigarette is subjective, people experience different intensity. Physical addiction to cigarettes is insignificant, because the nicotine leaves the body very quickly; only a few days after quitting.
We present to you a simple, yet very effective way in which you can clean the lungs within just three days. This method is tested by a few colleagues of mine and it was a success.
In fact, it’s all individually, we all know that cigarettes contribute to the poor condition of the lungs. This method is meant  for active and passive smokers,

 Here’s how to achieve it in three days:

  • Stop consuming dairy products, two days before you start this method.
  • Drink a cup of herbal tea before bedtime in the evening before the first day.
  • A cup of herbal tea will help your intestines to get more rid of toxins easily.
  1. Squeeze the juice of two lemons and mix with 300 ml. water. Drink this juice before breakfast.
  2. Then, after breakfast, drink 300 ml. fresh grapefruit juice or pineapple. These juices contain natural antioxidants, which are very important for the health of your lungs.
  3. Between breakfast and lunch, drink 300 ml. freshly squeezed carrot juice. Carrot juice will improve the blood.
  4. During lunchtime drink 400 ml. juice, rich in potassium. Potassium is a key element for clearing the lungs.
  5. Also, drink 400 ml of cranberry juice before bedtime.
During these three days, in addition to juices, you should also exercise and have enough sleep. In order to improve the process of detoxification, you can make a hot bath and enjoy for at least 20 minutes.

This method may seem a little hard, but has worked before and you should see the results after three days.