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15 Easy (And Cheap!) Ways To Boost Your Mood

On days when I'm feeling low, I wish I could afford to blow $500 on a shopping spree or spend a day at the spa. But realistically, most of us have other priorities for that money, like rent.
Luckily, I have a reservoir of mood-boosters under $15. Here are my go-tos:
1. Buy a Scratch 'N Win (or five). Even if you don't win, the scratching process can be enjoyable!
2. If you have a car, take it through the car wash. It's an easy way to feel productive and derive satisfaction from the completed result.
3. Go to a drop-in yoga, spin, or fitness class. Many studios will have karma classes or a free class for first timers.
4. Treat yourself to a journal, and write down what you're feeling. Don't judge what you write; do it for the therapeutic process, not the product.
5. Browse Meetup groups and challenge yourself to attend one meetup in the next week (so long as it's under $15 ...).
6. Go on a shopping spree ... at a thrift store!
7. Download an audio book or new album.
8. Make a donation to your local SPCA. and ask if there are any friendly animals you can hold or play with. Pet therapy is becoming more and more popular.
9. Peruse Groupon for sweet deals under $15.
10. Buy a friend (or stranger) coffee.
11. Offer to buy someone lunch.
12. Get your eyebrows threaded.
13. See if there's a massage school in your area. Most will offer massages for $10 or $15.
14. Find a yummy recipe with ingredients under $15, and bake (if you don't have a healthy relationship with baking when you're down, bake for a friend or lover).
15. Get a disposable camera and find moments of mindfulness by being a photographer for a day. Like the journaling, do it for the process, not the product.
Have a cheap mood-booster of your own? Add it to the list!