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Alertness And Gratitude

Being alert and grateful in life means never taking anything for granted, and living with full presence of mind and honestly thinking deeply about most or every action taken with attention to results. With that said, I begin this article. For me, life and existence are a quest to do this the best without flinching toward the opposite of that statement even once in a while, and if it means being irritatingly detail oriented sometimes, so be it. To be that way is better than being careless. I know that. Realistically, being alert and grateful is the key to winning even if temporary slips and losses happen. The permanent fall is not to care anymore and fear success. Success is being constantly grateful and alert, not fearing to attempt or lose if you do succeed. Grateful and alert means that maximum winnings matter but small successes and failures, and small failures and losses do not, they are steps to the ultimate winnings.

I remember reading about the American Revolutionary war when I was a boy here in this world. Lord Charles Cornwallis won more battles than he lost, and George Washington lost more battles than he won. But the difference is that George Washington was alert and grateful during and after the key battles he won that established the genuine victory, and Lord Charles Cornwallis thought arrogantly that he could overpower by winning a bunch of small battles without attention to overall victory, starting with using his soldiers in traditional ways instead of creatively using guerrilla or creative tactics like George Washington did and at Yorktown and other key battles that he and his soldiers did survive and win, the biggest failure of Cornwallis was underestimating the value of creative tactics and initiative unlike George Washington. Sure, the moral of what I am saying with this example of the American Revolutionary War is not an explicit example of history, but a metaphorical warning: Be creative and adaptable or genuinely lose to an "inferior", more creative, genuinely superior force that wants the goal more.

Understand me there. That is not historical, but metaphorical for all ages and realities, the creative force that wants it more will always win over the overconfident competitive force that depends on arrogance to "win", even if winning does happen for that overconfident force temporarily for that overconfident competitive force. Creativity ultimately wins out and rears its head later every time almost without exception. Even in the exceptions though, a different way to win is found, because creativity does not give up, it adapts without really giving up.