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6 Ways to Get Back on Track

Once you have a better idea on how you got off track it's time to steer yourself back on track.
(1.) Start with Why.
1. Why do you want to accomplish this goal?
2. Why is this important?
3. Who will you impact?
4. How will your life improve?
5. How will other's lives improve?
6. What's at stake if you don't accomplish this goal?
(2.) Slow Down. When we are conquering chaos and regaining focus and control of our goals (and life in general) it is important to remember to slow down. Take a breather. To get more done, we often go harder and try more. That is actually counterproductive. It's just as counterproductive as doing a hard workout without eating. To get the most effective workout and have optimal performance you need fuel, aka. food. To actually accomplish more what you actually need to do is slow down. Cachet does this by giving herself a detox day.
(3.) Relish what you have accomplished. We can easily get distracted or beat ourselves up for losing focus. To help you get motivated you need to relish what you have accomplished. Celebrate the small wins. Don't put off celebrating until you completed your goal 100%. Take time to celebrate accomplishments daily.
(4.) Reassess: This is the time to revisit your goals you wrote in the beginning of the year (or whenever you wrote them down). Review and reassess your goals.
Where did you get off track?
Where did you stay focused?
Is there anything that needs to change?
(5.) Adjust: This goes hand in hand with re-assessing your goals. There may be some things you need to change about your goals.
Do you need to change a deadline?
Do somethings not matter anymore because your life or business direction changed?
Is there a goal you would still like to meet, but it may have to wait?
(6.) Set new goals for the new year: Successful people start their goals for the next year now. They do not wait until New Year's Eve to set resolutions. They strategically review, re-assess, and adjust goals to finish the year. They also think of new goals and strategies for next year.
Is there a project you want finished by the end of the year? What will need to change in your current schedule to see that through?
Do you want to take any vacations or go to any conferences next year? What will you do to have the time and money to go? What needs to be in place to accomplish this?