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Bad Habits You Need To Quit

We don't need to tell you that bad habits have a negative impact on your life. Often the problem is not identifying bad habits; it is fairly obvious for example, that smoking is not good for you. Addiction can often be the underlying problem, along with escapism. Both are behaviors that everyone partakes in, but eventually your bad habits will become a detriment to your health and happiness. They always do.
For that reason we have identified 7 bad habits that you need to quit; many of them health related, and some of them related to lifestyle and happiness:
1. Smoking
An obvious place to start, smoking has never been attractive, and it has never been good for your health, despite what the early adverts used to say. The dangers of smoking are paramount, and you should kick the habit as soon as possible.
2. Stress Or Binge Eating
Some people like a glass of wine to wind down at night, while other people like a little bit of chocolate, or waffles and ice-cream, or pizza on delivery with too many chips to possibly handle. Binge eating is extremely bad for you, and can lead to cardiovascular problems, and obesity. It can be brought on by stress, so be sure to find a healthier release.
3. Junk Food
Binge eating often involves junk food of some manner, but people all across the world fall for the junk food trap every day, and purchase food from corporations who are known to have low standards of food. Some would say that they are even famous for it (no names McMentioned). A recent study even suggests that junk food operates on the receptors in the brain in a similar way to heroin or cocaine; causing you to want more of the stuff.
4. Excessive Drinking
The effects of consuming alcohol are well researched, and well established as being, well... pretty damaging, beyond a couple of casual drinks. Excessive drinking is definitely a habit you would do well to quit. Drug habits are also not advisable.
5. Involving Yourself With The Wrong People
A little break from the direct bad health habits now, and into your social life. Health and happiness are both important for your functioning, and hanging around with the wrong people is not good for either. You should spend time with people who love and nurture you.
6. Focusing On The Negative
Positive thinking is not just some new-age concept. It has a very real impact on your life, and proven benefits for your health, including the reduction of stress, which a major factor in immune system functioning. Focusing on the negative is another bad habit that you should give up. Focus instead on what you appreciate, and learn to think more positively.
7. Too Much TV
Television is a really wide spread bad habit, that is unfortunately, not getting much better with the introduction of handheld devices. While these marvelous technologies should be appreciated, overindulgence in them causes a lack of interest in life, in the people around you, and in your own health. It can lead to a slobbish lifestyle, with bad diet, and particularly a lack of exercise.
Tony - From Slob To Success
Tony used to indulge in many bad habits. Once upon a time he had genuinely thought that smoking and drinking excessively were not going to catch up with him, but this was not the case. He also ate too much junk found, and Tony struggled with an addictive personality that caused him to overindulge in just about everything. Television provided a haven for him to switch off while he consumed junk food, and all the while he did not have a solid support network around him.
Luckily, Tony realized that he needed help, and spoke to health experts who helped him to get his life back on track, by eradicating the bad habits that were causing him to deteriorate. Tony now enjoys a healthy life, with a nutrition rich diet, plenty of exercise, and a distinct lack of harmful activities. His new found good health has also left him feeling more confident and more able to achieve his goals.