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11 Traits of Extremely Effective Salespeople

No business succeeds without great sales. Here's how great salespeople make it happen.

No business can survive without sales. As much as the tech industry would like to replace salespeople with algorithms, most companies still require the human touch to prospect, cultivate, and ultimately close the deal.
The best salespeople make it seem easy. They have a relaxed and natural way of guiding a prospect through the sales process. These people can take a basic business and make it grow in spectacular fashion. There is a reason the best of them command high dollars. In fact, here are 11 such reasons:

1. They can farm and hunt.

Too many salespeople can only hunt or farm. The hunters often eat what they kill and then starve if there is no game to chase. The farmers bring stability by cultivating relationships, but when the market shifts, they struggle to find new business. The few salespeople who can do both consistently close, regardless of market conditions.

2. They think selling on price is a last resort.

A price cut may stimulate a quick boost in sales, but it rarely lasts for long or builds brand loyalty. Smart salespeople make sure customers know they are paying for value that can always be delivered.

3. They understand the long-term value of a customer.

Great care paid to the right customer can pay off exponentially through repeat and referral business. A great salesperson will push and squeeze what they can out of a deal, but never at the expense of the future business. He or she will figure out how to keep all sides in positive territory.

4. They know when to shut up.

Inexperienced salespeople think they can win sales by over-talking the prospects. The best salespeople use discretion and carefully crafted questions to get a prospect to close. Once they have delivered the pitch, they know to step back and let the prospect finish the job.

5. They know how to make the support staff love them.

Successful sales require a lot of work, and doing it alone can slow you down. The best salespeople make sure their staff are happy and feel like a valued part of the team. A great sales team can close five times the business of a solo maverick.

6. They never think they know enough about anything.

So many salespeople like to learn just enough, but they get tripped up with the more difficult customers. Great salespeople are always studying to get an edge over their competitors.

7. They focus on efficiency.

Sales are all about numbers. The more qualified prospects you reach, the higher the probability of closings. Great salespeople use technology and organization to increase their at bats, and rarely waste time talking to people who will never buy.

8. They think selling is fun.

Most salespeople actually hate sales and selling. The most effective salespeople actually enjoy it. They get up every day excited about the product and the prospects. For these few, the high compensation is an added bonus on top of getting to do what they love.

9. They have a rich life.

Customers can tell when the only focus a salesperson has is the sale. The motivation is thin. Great salespeople bring the richness of life experience, which they willingly share through stories and empathy. Prospects can sense their authenticity and self-confidence.

10. They motivate themselves.

Companies spend a ton of money on sales managers who mostly focus on whip-cracking the bottom performers. Great salespeople don't need added incentives or pressure to make or beat their goals. They set their targets and go, go, go.

11. They understand the repercussions of poor ethics.

You never have to explain to a truly professional salesperson that no one deal is worth spoiling your reputation, paying a fine, or going to jail.