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An Important Habit of World-Class Achievers

Have you ever worked to achieve a goal and felt like you were working for nothing? I mean, you know what you want to accomplish and you have been working, I mean REALLY working to bring it into reality. But it just doesn't seem to be materializing like you thought it would. Your goal may seem even farther away from you now than it was when you first began.
Doesn't that just suck!
And we have experts that tell you to keep pushing, take the next step, don't give up, don't quit. You take that next step and it feels like you took two steps back. You come to a place where you might say to yourself, "What's point of doing this? All I'm doing is wasting money on a business that has almost given me no return on my investment, I'm sacrificing having fun and doing other things I enjoy to do them later but it doesn't feel like I am ever going to reach the point where I am going to be able to do that."
To keep yourself going you may pick up a biography of someone who overcame what seemed insurmountable obstacles to arrive at their objective. And they probably did it in a short span of time.
That's a real kick in the teeth right there. You may ask yourself, "Why hasn't MY success come quickly?" And the thought of NEVER accomplishing what you want rises from your mind like a shadow. It fills your mind with a fear that clasps a vice around your heart. You begin to think of the things you NEED to take care of (food, rent, mortgage, cloths, bills, family).
You can't see how you can go on. You look at your bank account and its hovering just above discomfort. You look at your sales, hoping to see something different each day, but it hasn't changed since your one sale two months ago. You may even have bought a new program related to your business that would set up everything for you, but you realize how much you have LEARNED in this new program and it puts a halt in your progress.
That shadow creeps ever deeper into your mind and the vice tightens more.
You come to a decision and say, "That's it! It's over!" Everything you have done in the past few months or even years, you now just toss out like an old dingy rag-doll.
At first you may feel relief. An eerie freedom from worry about whether you are going to hit your goal. Now you have money to do the "routine" things you used to do. You are happy for a time... going out, not having to worry about bills as much... the occasional vacation.
Then... a feeling comes back to you of why you were putting yourself through the seemingly hard life of an entrepreneur. More time with family and friends, more money to afford the things you want and more freedom.
We see so many people give up in that it becomes an insidiously normal habit for us to partake. As if giving up is what we have to look forward to. When you are not around people how are experiencing unlimited success, you do not get to see what we truly are.
What we are, are magnificent beings that have unlimited power. Successful people look at giving up as an abnormal habit. And you know something... it is!
A habit is repetitive non-thinking behavior. There are bad habits (smoking, thinking fearful thoughts) and there are good habits (exercising daily, thoughts of abundance) and there are what the world-class successes call habits (living uncomfortably for the progressive realization of a worthy goal and never giving up on that goal).
It's not easy to be world-class. Even if it were, everybody would not do it. It is uncomfortable. And you stay in discomfort when going for anything big.
That discomfort is the "change" that is taking place in you as you strive towards your goal. And that is a great thing. Because if you keep moving towards what you want, giving it all you've got, you find one day a change has taken place and you are not having the fearful thoughts or the thoughts of giving up.
And you move up a level on the mental and spiritual plane where NOTHING is impossible. You will find your success, not in the attainment of the goal itself, but in working towards it.
Winston Churchill was asked to give a commencement speech to a university and in front of hundreds of people he repeated one phrase three times in his very, VERY short speech.
"Never give up!"
Expect Success!