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Message From the Universe: The Supernatural in You

"Always remember, when it comes to climbing mountains, slaying dragons, or just plain getting what you want, you've got a built-in, double-secret advantage:

You're supernatural.

Shhhhhh... don't tell anyone, 
The Universe"

Yes, you do have that supernatural powers that ONLY superheroes have. Either it be the Fantastic 4 or Superman, or Batman, you have that mental strength that many have that burning desire to obtain. You are willing to do whatever it takes to exercise that supernatural powers and it is up to use it in the positive way. With great powers comes great responsibilities. You are set to accomplish a lot of great things in your life so always keep focused to what you want to do and how you want to do it. This is your life so learn that you are the ONLY one that wants the best from yourself. You may also want to much out of you and expect only the best but learn that things will come your way in due time. If you rush things along, you may fall and hurt yourself. The question is: When that actually happens, are you willing to get right back up and keep moving forward or just give up? Important you make this clear for yourself.

Life is not easy, as you may already know. It will come and hit you in a very mean way but it is up to you to work on yourself and learn to never give up. You need to embrace the changes that will come your way and focus on how you better yourself throughout the many challenges that you will face. Nothing in life will be easy, even when you do reach your goals. You will always ask: What's next? You need to take a breather and learn that life is NOT just about the destination, but the journey you live every single day of your existence. You want to enjoy every moment you can. You have a supernatural power that everyone wish you have, and it is your unique perception about what life really means to you. Many have not yet discovered their true mission in this planet, but you are on your way. Never give up on your dreams, always keep moving forward and focus on what you really want.