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The mind is unquestionably, the most versatile weapon in our arsenal. It has many abilities, which makes it a precious prize. Invaluable even! But it wouldn't be very wrong to question just how powerful the mind really is. After all, in most of our cases, we've barely ever tried to test our minds to the extremes. And so, that is a very valid question.

If you've watched movies like Matrix, Inception, etc. you have some idea of what I mean by mind power. Although, the movies do tend to be highly exaggerated, there are certain things and aspects that are true. Let us take a look at some of the incredible things that the mind is capable of doing, if trained appropriately.

1. Mental Visualization

We are all familiar with the term imagination. But visualization is one of those unique mental powers, which allows the mind to see beyond what is in front of the eyes.

These visualizations are often mistaken as psychic powers. That is not the case, as per scientists, who proved that though visualization was a very powerful tool, it didn't predict much.

2. Telepathy

The ability to hear and speak to people, through the mind, is known as telepathy. This is something very uncommon, but cannot be called unreal. There are people who are capable of doing it or have proven them capable when tested.

What telepathy majorly involves is the transmission of energy waves, from the source (mind of speaker) to the destination (mind of listener). These are shared only between the two people. In certain theories, these mind waves can be intercepted. But that is not a proved theory, hence holds no ground.

Behavioural scientists often call telepathy a hoax, saying mind-reading is simply a highly advanced reading of a person's body- language. Hence, when people read your mind, they are simply shooting arrows in the dark. We think it is real but more than often it isn't.

3. Telekinesis

The ability to control and change the shape of objects, purely by will. Remember that age-old trick of bending the spoon? That was an absolute hoax. No person till date has managed to prove any telekinesis in a scientifically controlled environment.

There was the case of Swami Rama, a highly skilled yogi, who once proved that he had telekinetic powers in a controlled laboratory. But through the experiment, at least one of the physicists present, said that it was in fact air and not telekinesis that moved the object.

Telekinesis was something highly believed in before science caught up. People used to hold shows entirely based on telekinesis, which were later proved to be nothing but slight of hand.

4. Levitation

Levitation is the ability to float in air. There is a very advanced level of yogic practice, coupled with meditation, which can actually allow you to levitate (as per some yoga gurus). Although there is insufficient working proof of how it is done, there have been plenty of reports, about sightings of levitating yogi's from the Himalayas.

The art of levitation talks about how the body, being enslaved by the mind, is led to believe it is light enough and then it is pulled into the air, by the constant energy from within.

In yoga, it is considered one of the most supreme forms of mental powers, attained only after years of relentless meditation and practice.

5. Time Control

Time control does not mean controlling the day and night cycle. It is the mind's ability to slow down things and view it in motion. This is something that people with very high levels of adrenaline in the body experience.

Some of the Himalayan yogi's are able to control their heartbeats at will. This helps them to slow down time as well, or at least, that is the claim.

The scientific background between excess adrenaline and slowing down effect, can be heard of among sportsmen or athletes. But it is not something that is advisable or for that matter, clinically doable.

While movie like mind power may not be a reality today, human evolution is not something that human beings can predict with science alone. Nature has its own ways and no one can really compete with it.

Among all the fake powers, there are some listed mental powers that do actually work. They don't sound very powerful but the following four abilities, if developed well, can help a person progress to great heights.

1. Imagination
2. Calculation
3. Focus
4. Observation

These four are extremely strong suits to develop and may seem layman in nature, but at this point are the best tools we have.

So it doesn't matter whether or not you can move objects and fly around, the real question is, when you fall... do you hit the ground running?

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