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Achieve your goals in 5 steps

Being intentional when you set and achieve your goals is the first part of the GPS of business and of life. “Without clearly defined goals, you will never know where you are going, or if and when you get there.” Howard Partridge emphasizes the importance of goals in his book The 5 Secrets of a Phenomenal Business, when he discusses them as the first of three parts of your GPS for success. The second two are Plans and Systems. Setting goals by these five rules will allow you to reach success when you are working, and will help you actually achieve them.

1) “You must have clearly defined life goals and business goals.”

It is not enough to give a vague overview of potential places you would like to see your business go. You must be intentional with your goals; you must be very straightforward with your goals, and clearly define what you want to do in both your life and business so that when you set your GPS, it takes you down the path that is best for you. Muddled goals will not help in any way because you will always be going back and forth and up and down as you search for alternative routes when things get tough. Clearly defined goals will pull you through the difficulties ahead and help you actually achieve your goals.

2) “They must be written down.”

Be honest with yourself. Write down what you say you are going to do. Hold yourself accountable by making yourself really think about what you want and then reach for what you want. Without writing the goals down, it is easy to change your idea and path in life. Achieve your goals. Write them down with intention.

You will never be somebody else. You can only be the best version of you. Don’t adopt the goals of someone else because you will never live their life better than you live your own. Adopt your own goals and achieve your own successes.

4) “They must be meaningful to you.”

Do not adopt goals that somebody else suggested you adopt. Do not reach for things other people say you will be good at just because it sounds nice. Set your own goals with your own mind and your own ideas. You must have the deeper meaning behind your goals locked into your heart and your mind for you to be able to really pull through with your goals and succeed when the going gets tough.

5) “They must be specific and measurable.”

Without a measurable goal, without a specific goal, you will never know when and if you reach your goals. Be specific when you set your goals, and ensure that you have a barometer of measurement so that you can tell when and if you have achieved your goals. You will if you just keep working towards them, but you won’t if you keep working towards a vague idea of success.